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We work closely with a broad range of business clients to help them achieve and exceed their goals and objectives. We understand the financial implications of the legal needs of your business. We endeavor to arrive at the best legal and financially-friendly outcome.


We assist business owners and key personnel with critical business law-related matters, including planning for the start-up and financing of new ventures, helping existing companies obtain equity and debt financing, succession planning, and negotiating the acquisition and sale of businesses.


We have over sixty years experience representing sole proprietors, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, S corporations, professional corporations and publicly-held corporations. Many of our attorneys have also had a broad range of involvement running their own businesses and they are uniquely positioned to understand how legal choices impact day-to-day operations.


Attorneys who can assist you:
Michael W. Bragg
Thomas A. Lupica
Peter Millon
Stephen M. Szuch
David G. Wise
Richard E. Wolff

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