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Appellate Practice

A decision in the trial court is rarely the end of the litigation process. When selecting an attorney for an appeal, it is vital to obtain counsel who will be successful at the appellate level. Spengler Nathanson attorneys successfully represent clients in all federal court appeals, including appeals cases we handled since inception and others in which counsel is sought specifically for the appeal. In the state system, our attorneys routinely prosecute and defend appeals in the Ohio Supreme Court, various Ohio intermediate appellate courts, and administrative appeals in a variety of judicial and regulatory forums.

In the federal system, we have defended cases seeking certiorari in the United States Supreme Court, and practiced extensively before various United States Circuit Courts, including the Sixth and D.C. Circuits. Special skills are needed for successful appellate advocacy. A fresh view of the evidence, an ability to analyze the record, and extraordinary writing and oral argument skills are essential. Our attorneys are often recognized by the courts for the quality of their brief writing. We bring these skills, plus foundational litigation and trial practice knowledge, to every case taken to the appellate level.

Attorneys who can assist you:
Byron S. Choka
Teresa L. Grigsby
John P. Hayward
Jennifer A. McHugh
J. Peter Millon
Susan B. Nelson
James P. Silk Jr.
Joan C. Szuberla

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